We began our business in 2013 providing wood by-products to customers in agriculture, landscaping, and oilfield sectors. We are SECOR certified with Enform and also subscribe to ISNetworld, ComplyWorks and Cortex.

We sell and deliver products throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta.

We carry…

  • A large volume of product and are able to adapt to suit our customer needs.
  • Bark mulch for landscaping needs for around trees and shrubs.
  • Post peelings that can be used for landscaping, bedding for cattle, used in feedlots to firm and stabilize soils, erosion control and various other uses. Pulp chips can be used for landscaping also. It uniform in size and looks very good in shrub beds and around trees.
  • Wood shavings used by dairy farms, horse barns and chicken barns for bedding.
  • A large supply of sawdust. This can be used in a variety but mainly used in the oil field to stabilize cuttings as to be hauled away to landfills.

We have three walking floor trailers to deliver products to our customers. These units are 53’ van trailers and are capable our hauling up to 150 cubic yards of material.